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Perfect Fit

Innovative Cuff
​Ensures the Ultimate Fit

This new cuff is equipped with Korean Freelock Lacing System, which give a great help to steady the cuff and user can easily fasten and operate the monitor with only one hand. User simply turn the dial to tighten the cuff and pull up to loosen. Different with traditional cuff, this neat and tidy design provide user excellent fastening experience.

Clinical Proven Accuracy and Exceptional Quality


Accuracy and quality of the products is our first priority. All our blood pressure monitor are FDA 510(k) cleared and listed, and with CE0123 compliance.

Some of the models have passed BIHS A/A, ESH and AAMI protocols which involve clinical validation to the products to be recommended for clinical use. And the other models are technically equivalent so they are also providing the same clinical proven accuracy.

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