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About Us

Grandway was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1991 as an electronic manufacturer. Our factory is located at Shenzhen, PRC. We are engaged in the design and manufacturing on consumer electronic products for export to the world market in the area of blood pressure meters, diet scales, RF/FRMS products, electronic gadgets and pedometers.

​With our excellence in technology manufacturing and strong R&D team, we also provide OEM/ODM services to our customers. In 2004, we have been successfully certified by ISO 9001. To maintain our quality, we have established a series of control point for each stage of production.Grandway will strive to continuously improve on our product quality, environmental and occupational safety by implementing and maintaining an integrated management system.


In 2007, Grandway moves one step forward by gaining the certification of ISO 13485. It proves our ability in quality improvement and prepares us to the manufacturing of medical devices.


Grandway's commitment to continuous improvement begins in our Research and Development department. Our experienced team of project engineers monitors every phase of development and provides best solution to every new project, both in house model and OEM / ODM development. With strong experience in digital consumer electronic product and devices, our R&D team provides state of art innovative ideas to serve our customers' needs.

Our manufacturing team is involved in the bonding of MCU on board, SMT, plastic mould injection, cosmetic work of silkscreen and spraying and product assembling.

Our production engineers are involved in the design and testing of the reliability of our products and the effectiveness of manufacturing.

Our quality assurance team monitors and ensures the ultimate quality level of every unit we manufactured. From the incoming quality control on our raw material, to the manufacturing process and at the final checking on our units before leaving the factory, our quality assurance people play a crucial role and spare attention on every detail. Other than product quality, we are dedicated to the quality of our environment and occupational safety to reach a total quality management.

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